The Full Details on the Phen375 Rebate Code

If you buy Phen375 you might be eligible for rebate. But special restrictions are applied for this. You can receive Phen375 Rebate instantly without having code in mail, just by login to your account.


Details of Phen375 rebate:


Consumers are eligible to use this rebate only once. To benefited with rebate you need to write code exactly like it is shown, you can’t do copy and pasting of code. If in case you just copy and paste the entire thing it will not work at all. It is a code that usually gives to such customers who return next time for their purchase. A code is send to their existing account that they can use as rebate for their next big purchase.

1. Ordering more than just one bottle will make you eligible for rebate.

2. It is necessary that one should be Phen375s existing customer. New customers were not eligible to receive rebate.

3. If you are a returning customer all you need to do is log in to your existing account you will find rebate code inside it, which you can use easily to receive instant rebate.

4. Make sure you type the rebate code correctly; it does not accept code that is copy and paste.

5. mfgr_rebate_40 – To use this code and to receive instant rebate of $40.00 you should spend at least $140.00.

6. mfgr_rebate_20 – To receive instant rebate of $20.00 and using this rebate code it should be mandatory to spend at least $80.00.

7. Do remember, it is for onetime use only. You can use this rebate code only once.

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Instant next purchase rebate details:


Such people, who want to apply for the rebate, can only consume this for once. And only the existing customers can be benefitted by this. This is applicable only on large orders, this means one can get rebate when they are ordering supplement in bulk rather than just one or two. To use the coupon you need to order minimum of $80 value products.

One submission per purchased product is allowed. You can only use this rebate once, after your first purchase, when you login next time to buy this supplement in bulk. Although it is important for users to know that they cannot use rebate in conjunction with any of the specials or offers. No extensions are allowed. This offer can change at any time; the terms and conditions can be change without any prior notice to customers after promotional period.

For distributing of this supplement, is the only distributor and it is not offering any of the rebates. For any of the rebate, RDK Pharmaceuticals is solely responsible for offers with its phen375 products. The distributor will not liable for any of the claims or rebates.