Be Careful Buying Phentermine for Weight Loss

Generic Phentermine Info


Generic phentermine weight loss tablets are identical to its brand name phentermine. Dosage form, strength, administration routine, safety, quality, strength, intended use and performance characteristics all are same as the phentermine branded versions. It is an appetite suppressant, it’s active substance full name in all supplements is Phentermine Hydrochloride.


What do these generic supplements look like?


Imprint E647

Color: Yellow Capsule

Manufacturer: Sandoz (formerly Eon Labs)

Strength: 30mg phentermine

Imprint E5882

Color: Yellow and grey Capsule

Manufacturer: Sandoz (formerly Eon Labs)

Strength: 15mg phentermine

Imprint E5000

Color: Blue and clear Capsule

Manufacturer: Sandoz (formerly Eon Labs)

Strength: 30mg phentermine

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What are Generic Supplements?


Non branded copies are commonly known as generics. While supplements were launched, at that time they are released under the protection that will restricts all the other pharmaceutical companies in market from using this formula and selling or manufacturing this medication until this patent get expired. This patent protection is to protect research and development investment that a particular pharmaceutical company made before launching of supplement. Once the patent expired all the other companies who were restrict for marketing and production of particular medicine can apply for producing own versions of that supplement.

Always consult physician before taking any medication for weight loss.

Phentermine is an supplement that affects central nervous system that dramatically reduces hunger feelings.

  • Adipex Adipex is a branded version of Phentermine. It is quick thermionic which is formerly manufactured from King Pharmaceuticals and trading by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, designed for fat loss and resounding energy.
  • Ionamin is Phentermine’s slow-release version.
  • Duromine is also a brand of Phentermine that is used in New Zealand, United States and Australia.

Where can you but a Real Phentermine?


Fake and real phentermine are hard to distinguish especially for such individuals who are not much familiar with this supplement.

To avoid buying fake product, keep this thing in mind, due to its increasing popularity the manufacture of fake products are trying to put every possible effort to make their supplement look exactly like the original one. Fake manufacturers are making almost same looks of their product like the authenticated one. So don’t decide it only by its look.

It can’t be bought online.

The weight loss supplement is controlled by the DEA. Due to this, you cannot purchase this supplement online and when its about purchasing it from a physician, prescription is must.

Although it is illegal to buy this product online, so if you see some any of the advertisements that claims you can buy it online, those might be the fake ones of course.

Those who are selling Phentermine online are fakes.

Obviously, as it is illegal to sell and buy this product online, none of the online stores are authenticated to sell them via internet. Such online portals who claim that they sell this supplement are either selling fake products in brand name or they might be selling any of the weak product that doesn’t deliver the exact result as the real supplement can do.

If you want real thing, consult physician and purchase phentermine through prescription.

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